Five Ideas for Office Furniture Design


1、 The design of multifunctional furniture that meets people's needs must comply with people's physiological and psychological requirements. We cannot blindly design, without pursuing design, we cannot design. Such a design not only brings comfort to consumers, but only a people-oriented design can allow users to truly appreciate the charm of multi-functional furniture.


2、 The awareness of environmental harmony and environmental protection, as a modern consciousness, has attracted widespread attention and attention. The design of multi-functional office furniture should comply with the requirements of green design, using environmentally friendly materials as much as possible to reduce waste in the production, use, and recycling process.


3、 The market potential of multifunctional creative furniture and high-end furniture products with a sense of the times in modern society can be imagined. Therefore, the design of multi-functional office furniture should have a sense of the times, design furniture that is more in line with the needs of young people, make them more comfortable to use in life, and showcase their individuality.


4、 Consider the echoes of culture

The origin of consumption is culture, and multi-functional furniture itself is also a product of culture, reflecting people's outlook on life and values. China is an ancient civilization with a history of 5000 years. Many ideas and philosophies of sages can be absorbed and applied to design. The main consumer group of furniture nowadays is the '80s generation', and designers can incorporate cultural elements into their designs to guide the values and worldview of this special group.


5、 Emphasize the combination of technology and art

Multifunctional office furniture is not only a unity of tradition and modernity, but also a combination of technology and art. German designer Wolfgang Weiss once said that the premise of valuing its use value is to give vitality to furniture art and cultural value. The design of multi-functional furniture should pay special attention to artistic expression, making it artistic, approachable, and infectious. If we only focus on increasing functionality and detach ourselves from the usage environment, it will give people a feeling of isolation from other furniture and lack "communication". Therefore, the design of multi-functional furniture should not only focus on functional design, but also on the design of form and color.


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